Czech Streets - 7
So I’m back after a longer slack. It was necessary to save some quick money so I could go into action and prepare something for you again. czech first video Read more

Lovely blond from Moravia

Czech Streets - 14
So Christams is here with an ideal opportunity to spend some of our quick dough. Which woman would resist easy earnings in order to buy Christmas presents? Read more

Beautiful blowjob in reward

Czech Streets - 8
Hi, my name’s Martin and I took the baton of this quick dough phenomenon from Lada. It was really mentally demanding and so he quitted. I could not wait to grab the camera and go for some action. But in fact it is not such fun. Read more

Beautiful blonde from Ostrava

Czech Streets - 11
I read lots of articles in newspapers and magazines about how university students earn extra money for their studies. And you certainly know that some of them have no problem with using their young body as a source of income. Read more


Czech Streets - 29
So I really took the plunge and hit for streets with my camera. I was addressing women and was offering them money for showing me their bra or more. Read more

Beautiful twenty-year blonde

Czech Streets - 19
As you may already know, my name is Lada and I’ll shoot quick money series for you. On my first mission I took advantage of the beautiful summer weather and I occupied the east corner of the swimming pool in Wild Sarka. Read more

Simona and Adela

Czech Streets - 20
I gathered some more experience and I have another piece for you. I wandered the streets and saw a very nice lady. Her name was Adelka and I started to like her for the first sight. Read more

Fucking with younger boys

Czech Streets - 9
I received an email from you, that I still hunt only young girls and seem to forget about the nice ladies. So I decided that this time I will focus exclusively on mature women. It was no fun, because they were not an easy pray so I had to be hunting for two long days. Read more

Stripping for money

Czech Streets - 1
I must admit that I had a really good day that day. I went out with my camera to do a public inquiry, which went straight to the point. I asked Prague girls and women what they thought about stripping for money. My strategy had an unexpectedly rapid success. I talked one fantastic pretty blonde into a beautiful handjob. Read more


Czech Streets - 28
Your positive feedback and the successful first hunt encouraged me to the next expedition to the streets of Prague. I was lucky because I managed to talk two girls into showing me what they have under their shirts. But pretty hairdresser named Veronica finally showed me much more and with no better place around than my car. I think you will be very surprised, but see for yourselves.